Frequently Asked Questions

When Selling Your Home
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How much will it cost me to sell my house?

Real Estate Agents receive commission for all of the work involved in selling your home. The commission costs are based off of the total price your home sells for so the cost will vary. Typically the commission is 6% of the total purchase price.

Should I be present for the showings?

Most buyers get nervous when the homeowner is present. We recommend you not being home during your showing. Typically your Real Estate Agent will have access to your home via access codes, a lock box or keys to your residence so your presence isn’t required.

Does my house need to be staged or redecorated prior to putting my home on the market?
Not necessarily, however a good fresh coat of paint and freshening up does tend to help.
If I accept an offer will my house still be viewed for showings?
This will vary depending on the terms in the offer and what your preferences are.
Who will conduct the showings of my home and when will they occur?
Your Real estate agent should be at all viewings. However, in some circumstances they may ask you to conduct the occasional viewing, although that is very rare.
How long will I have before I have to move out?
Again, this will be specified in the terms of the contract and can vary. Typically most prefer a 30 day closing so you would have 30 days to pack up and move, but you can specify those terms to best fit your needs. You will need to have moved out by the day of closing as at closing the buyer receives the Deed to your home and is now legally the new owner.